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The online auction process is pretty straightforward. We stage, We list, We sell, We collect the money and We pay the consignor.  Lots of work goes into each of those steps.
Staging: First we must get the items ready for pictures. We steam clean all equipment and double checks for any issues. The majority of the issues we find are easy fixes and our service techs will rectify the problems fairly quickly
As the items are being prepped for sale our dedicated auction listers will start the process of digitally photographing the items. Unlike other online auction companies we feel the more pictures you add the better. If an item needs 30 pictures to show the bidder everything they need to know then we will post 30 pictures. 
Sometimes a picture is worth 1000 words but there are times a detailed description is needed and our knowledgeable staff spends the time doing so.

It doesn't matter if you have the best pictures and the nicest equipment.....if no one sees the auction then you lose money 
We have a proven system for marketing our auctions across multiple avenues which include our email and text messaging database as well as our social media marketing and cold calling prospects.
We treat each of our online auctions as a special event. We want our bidders to have an experience they wont get elsewhere and we go the extra mile. Take a look at our facebook posts for our auctions alone compared to leading national auction company competitors. We get 200-1800 likes on a post....they get 10-30. We answer our phones, allow bidders to text us 24/7 and we respond with real time answers so bidders can get real time answers
Auction Day: 
On the day the auction closes we complete invoicing and send out links for buyers to pay online  to assist them with making the payment process faster. This also allows us a no hassle process for those buyers out of the area that want items shipped. 

Checkout and pickup:
we also give a standard 3 day pickup period after each auction. We try to be strict with the deadlines but we also always work with bidders f they need a day or 2 to make arrangements to pick up and are coming from out of state.  Most auction companies are so strict on their payment and pickup deadlines they lose a ton of money by only offering 1 day pickup or 2 days but with restricted hours of 10-2 or 9-3 
 Consignor payout 
We pay you within 14 days of the auction closing.
As far as the consignor goes there isn't much to it. We do all the work and we do everything in our power to get as much money as possible allowing you to focus on other priorities 

If you want to speak with us about setting up on online auction for your location or consigning items for one of our warehouse online auctions,  please call Doug at 903-749-4607 
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