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With thousands of auction companies offering live and online bidding services how can you choose the one that is right for you?
 Not all auction online companies are the same. A quick search for online auctions will result in hundreds of online auction companies in every state 
Some have been around for years and new ones are popping up daily trying to make a quick buck.
There really isn't much specialization with most companies and they will hold an online auction for just about any product that someone is willing to
consign with them.
The majority of these auctions resemble a flea market bargain bin of items that even GOODWILL would refuse to pick up
If you are trying to liquidate restaurant equipment, or bsuiness machiney and assets or need to recoup money from a loan default on a restaurant or business ,  wouldn’t it make sense that
you would want to find a company that specializes in restaurant equipment?
Our company not only specializes in restaurant equipment we know the best ways to market it and the best options for getting our consignors the most money
Sometimes the equipment will bring more where it sits (on site) and sometimes it will be best to bring it back to one of our warehouse
facilities in East Texas or N Texas.
This is not an option for most online auction providers as they have a limited staff with no knowledge of the equipment to be removed
We offer nationwide shipping to our bidders as well as worldwide shipping on a case by case basis depending on the country. This allows us to increase our market to obtain bidders that would normally not participate in our online restaurant equipment auctions.
This also allows us to get more money for the items 
Ask these questions when looking for a company to
sell your restaurant's assets
  • Does the company specialize in restaurant equipment? We do and we have over 36 years of extensive experience in the restaurant equipment business including service and repair
  • Does the company know how to remove walk in coolers ? We do!
  • Does the company know how to remove exhaust hoods? WE DO!!
  • Does the company have the trucks to move the equipment? We have a fleet of trucks ranging from 12' flatbeds with liftgates to 24', and 26' Box trucks with liftgates to a 53' semi.
  • Does the company clean the equipment before listing it for sale? We do
  • Does the company have a background in marketing restaurant equipment? We do and we can prove it
  • Does the company work with emergency situations? We work 24/7 and we show that impossible is always possible 
Do you need to sell assets? Call or text 903-749-4607 
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